About Us

Welcome to the Healthy Touch.

For the past 18 years, it has been our pleasure to serve clients in our community, and we have built a reputation for truly caring for our clients. Doctors in our area often refer many of their patients to our spa because our licensed professionals aim to manage pain and help increase their client’s overall wellness. Physicians trust and understand our ability to continue healing outside their offices. Ultimately, apart from other spas in the
area, we are closer to being holistic (the use of natural techniques and remedies
to benefit wellness) through our services and products. We pride ourselves in
providing the best service and products to our clients and have been the winner
of our local “Best of the Boro” and “Fabulist” awards for several years. These
awards show us that our clients appreciate all that we do for them, which
encourages us not only to continue to provide great service but pushes us to go
above and beyond so that we can be better than we were in the previous year.

Sloan Kennedy

Owner of The Healthy Touch Day Spa

An exceptional spa experience

Skilled providers and excellent service

Licensed Massage Therapists

Our Licensed Massage Therapists are chosen because of their exceptional skills, years of experience, understanding of the modality, and ability to listen and communicate with clients as it relates to their issues. Our Massage Therapists take an empathetic approach when communicating with clients in order to obtain a heightened awareness of their needs, wants, motivations, and goals. They know what a massage can do, not only for a person’s body but for their mind as well. The main goal is to show clients all the amazing benefits that come from getting a massage and taking care of themselves physically and mentally.

Licensed Aestheticians

Our Licensed Aestheticians are chosen because of their ability to listen, get to know their clients, and understand their skin concerns or issues. Our Aestheticians tailor advice and treatment techniques to match the needs of each individual. At Healthy Touch, we love what we do. Therefore, our providers continue their education and are curious about what is happening in the skin care industry. Being approachable, knowledgeable, and professional at all times are just a few of the components that have made our aesthetics area of service successful.